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The Office of Media Relations & Publications

The Office of Communications and Marketing handles both internal and external communications for the College, sharing information and news across the campus community and promoting news and events to external sources including print and online media. The office also designs marketing materials to help departments meet their academic and professional goals.

Services include:

  • Write feature stories for the Lehman website to promote or amplify good news about students, faculty, staff, and school news
  • Digital and print publications (invitations, brochures, newsletters, etc.)

  • Graphic design (posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Inform media about Lehman news and events
  • Facilitate media interviews with faculty, staff, and students; assist members of the campus community with media engagement (including media training)
  • Strategic communications campaigns, including advertising and promotion
  • Event promotion
  • Social media engagement

To requestmedia coverage,social media engagement, or astory on the College website, please fill out the request formhere.

To requestgraphic design services, please fill out the request formhere.

You can help us provide the best service by answering a few questions before contacting us:

  • who is your target audience and what is the goal in reaching them (what action do you need from that audience)?
  • what kind of budget and timeline do you have?
  • do you have any draft content already created?
  • what is your deadline?

As a central and much-used resource for the College, the Office of Communications and Marketing has to dedicate its editorial, creative, production, and printing resources across the entire institution. Every project timeline considers the number of projects already in its editorial, design, and production pipeline.

Graphic design projects, media coverage requests, and requests for feature stories must be submitted at least two weeks before your deadline. Event promotion and publication production requests should be submitted at least a month in advance. The more advance notice you can give, the better.

Advance notice of breaking news (grants or awards received, honors given, external publication) is helpful – without at least two weeks of advance notice, we cannot guarantee timely coverage of your news (all news embargoes in place by external organizations will be respected).

All requests for press releases or web stories will be considered; stories on academic departments will be prioritized in conjunction with the appropriate dean and/or associate dean. Placement of stories on the homepage, in the Lehman News Center, on social media channels, and in external media is the decision of the Office of Communications and Marketing.

All stories can be made available to principals, prior to publication, for review for accuracy.

Please forward any existing photographs you may have of relevant events, students, or faculty. Photos must be high resolution and must include a caption with a photo credit and information on who or what is in the image.